Learn how to create art assets for your mobile app, or mock up your next web application using Sketch 3. At Fuse Coworking, Erin Schmidt will lead several classes exploring Sketch 3, an easy to use and powerful design tool for Mac. Sketch can be used to quickly create interface designs for web and mobile apps. In the first class you’ll be introduced to Sketch basics and a few advanced features. This class is for beginners as well as photoshop masters.

- I recommend that you buy Sketch 3 or download the free trial before we dig in. https://www.sketchapp.com/
- You’ll need to bring your Mac or borrow one for the class.
- There is no programming during this class. This is design only.
- No prior design experience is necessary. You have to start somewhere, eh.

Goals of this class:
Draw and Style Objects using Sketch 3
Edit and Organize Content
Export and Share your projects
Create a user interface

Erin is Wildland’s resident design systems evangelist. Passionate about application design, she joined Wildland in 2015 as an interface developer. Erin has always been an active community member participating in organizations such as CampFire USA, Boy Scouts of America, and Atomic Cooperative Market. Erin is currently on the board of Fuse Co-Working and supporting efforts for a new bicycle cooperative, Wheelhouse. Erin and her husband spend their free time with three busy teens and enjoy backpacking and bicycling around the Pacific Northwest. Erin has been tinkering with web work for over 15 years. She received her degree in Computer Science with an Art emphasis from Columbia Basin College in 2011 and has been creating beautiful things professionally ever since.

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